Being able to accommodate hundreds of guests a week is a simple gig, said no one ever!  Hand it over to Sue, you may stroke out in disbelief! Sue can handle her tasks! The Chaos Crew knows our guests are comforted by the soft spoken approach and swift scheduling moves Sue has.  
We hope you have the pleasure of speaking with Sue when making your next reservation.


Rachel Moore has been building a highly successful and thriving career in the industry for over a two decades. Rachel is a woman of many hats, including; color specialist, and retired Sexy Hair Educator for the Midwest and Canadian region.  Rachel has gained a loyal following with her ability to “take the fear out of getting your hair done” and make her clients feel comfortable.  She is empowered by the passion that her colleagues have for the industry and loves to share that excitement with the up-and-coming stylists whom she shares the floor with. Rachel credits all those who have taught her and helped her grow professionally and hopes to pay it forward by helping others.

​Rachel's Hours: Sat. 9-4

​              Receptionist/Assistant

Making a reservation with a stylist at Chaos Salon is your first step for the best looking You! Lydia will be the first voice you will come across  at Chaos. She will have you feeling like "a regular" instantly! Having Lydia as our Receptionist/Assistant has spoiled us to no end. She is constantly looking out for everyone's best interest, always ahead on tasks, to make our Team shine!
Lydia has a charming demeanor about her. Taking care of our guests  at the salon is second nature to our girl Lydia! Come on in and meet her!

Stylist / Director of Operations

Pastele has been in the industry for 8 years and at Chaos for almost 5 of them. Pastele loves everything about her career! She enjoys working in a creative environment where she is surrounded by people who empower her. Work is not just work for Pastele, as she enjoys being part of the family atmosphere and encountering new things every day while building relationships with her clients.  Being efficient, improving her technical skills, and keeping up-to-date with current trends are just a few things that Pastele prides herself on. She always gives 100% of her heart and skill to her work and it shows through the happiness of her clients.  She continues to advance through different trade shows and classes. Perfecting her skills is important to her because it allows her to experience the rewarding moment of knowing her clients have put their trust in her to look and feel great.  She always listens carefully to her clients' wants and needs to guarantee they leave her chair loving their look. Although her artistic skills show through all services, she loves working with blondes, razor cutting, and creating unique looks with ombre and hair painting techniques

Pastele's Hours: Tues. 1-7 - Wed. 11-9 - Thurs. 11-9 - Fri. 9-3 - Sat. 11-4


Amira Matt will put your hands back in control, and looking the part! Amira has the power of polish. Supporting the newer Shellac line, as well as O.P.I., puts her at the top of the game.  Because Chaos Salon focuses mainly on hair, Amira has the upper hand on Nail services. She is delighted to introduce new guests to her talents as well as making her "oldies but goodies" do double takes at their fingernails!

Amira's Hours: By Appointment Only

Stylist / Director of Marketing and Retail 

Bianca joined our Chaos team in August 2016. We love the positive and upbeat energy she brings with her everyday.  Bianca has been in the industry for just shy of a decade. Her passion shines through creating custom looks for men with her attention to detail in every fade, line up, and design. She also has a blast creating vibrant colors for the more courageous crowd. Bianca encourages people of all ages to embrace vibrant colors and the beautiful looks that can be created with "not your average hair colors".  Bianca believes life is full of beautiful days, and we're positive you'll be having one if you find yourself in her chair!

 Bianca's Hours: Tues. 11-7 – Wed. 1-9 Thurs. 1-9 Fri. 11-3 Sat. 11-4

Stylist / Director of Education

Alicia has been in the salon industry for 11 years and counting. Her true passions include highlights, and formal styles. She has continued education through Kenra, and Matrix. She stays up to date on her education, learning new styles and techniques. 

Alicia’s Hours: Wed. 3-9 Thurs. 11-5 Sat. 9-4

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Michelle Boyes was Chaos Salon's first Hairstylist/Make-up artist. She began working alongside the owner, Lori Mclenon, as a two-man team! Together they flourished!  Having the expertise of airbrushed makeup sets, Michelle is above the rest. She's able to create a guest's vision for their own wedding or event with more than just their hair feeling perfect. Michelle sends them off complete.  As new stylists entered Chaos, the Team began, welcoming creations from one another and the stars had seemed to be lining up for Michelle. Having team players that don't compete with each other made all Michelle's goals for her "diverse team" satisfying!   Michelle's genuine and laid back personality will project onto you. By having an experience with her, your luscious locks will set an impression of this nature. Michelle believes constant education of cosmetology is a must to keep her "on-top" of her game!

Michelle's Hours: Wed. 10-2 - Thurs. 5-9 - Sat. 9-1​


Lori Mclenon is not only a "salon owner", she is a Stylist. Working along-side her fellow stylists, Lori shows dedication and full force commitment. Lori leads by example. This example of desire sets the pace and energy for Chaos Salon.  When you truly enjoy your career, beauty becomes your end result! Having an experience with the "experienced" leaves you confident with your hair color, cut, formal look, or blow-out.  Being a Master Color Expert; and Makeup Artist in the business, puts faith and ease in Lori's guests when visiting her chair.
Finding a Professional dedicated to your vision, makes for good reflection!!

Lori's Hours: Tues. 9-3 - Wed. 11-9 - Thurs. 11-9 - Fri. 9-3 - Sat. 9-4


Tara Goldsmith began her career at Chaos Salon in 2011. She has trained and apprenticed with the Chaos team.  Tara is on the cutting edge of new styles and trends. She loves trying new things and giving clients the change they need. Her passion for hair styling reflects in the quality of her work.  Tara strives to make you feel your best inside and out. If you’re looking for a positive change and to feel like a million bucks when you walk out that door, she's here to make it happen!

Tara's Hours: Tues. 9-3 – Wed. 11